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Visions of Colour

Karen Scott



When Karen Scott undertakes her floral creations, she often reminisces some of her childhood days running barefoot through a farmer’s field where she spent many summers as well as her English Grandmother describing and nurturing the flowers in their garden.  The unquestionable beauty of flowers and appreciating the freedom of Nature came early in life to Karen portrayed in her gorgeous, vibrant florals.  The impact has never left her.  These same memories were the catalyst for Karen when designing her own residential backyard where the abundance of flowers continuously blooming provides inspiration and focus.  The soothing babbling of the garden waterfall, as well as the fragrance from the flowers, provides a perfect way to start her day before skillfully applying her brush to canvas.


Karen strives to blend an impressive variety of elements into her art while relying on the perception and appreciation of the individual to interpret and enjoy.  Her continuing experience and creativity consistently give rise to wonderful expressions of colour and a type of sensuality intended to be comforting and joyful.  Her signature florals take on a life of their own as do her other painting styles and themes.  While Karen’s works are personal in so many ways, she prides herself in the aspect for others to relate and be part of her creation.


Karen’s initial inspiration goes back to 1975 when her brother-in-law and Maritime Artist, Don Scott recognized her talent and sowed the early seeds of encouragement and painting techniques.  Raising a family and pursuing a successful real estate career did impose time restrictions but in the early 90’s when she staged homes for sale, she showcased her sizable collection of unique one-of-a-kind florals, abstracts and mixed media much to the delight of her homeowners.


Karen is immensely proud to have been one of the co-founders of the Artists of Stonebridge which has expanded to include resident artists of Barrhaven.  She continues to inspire others to come forward to explore their artistic spirit and enjoy what she has experienced for all these years.


For the past 23+ years, Karen has enhanced her knowledge and fine-tuned her skills through instruction and mentoring with numerous accomplished artists in Canada and the United States.  Art for Karen is an ever-evolving experience ultimately confirming “BEAUTY is in the eyes of the Beholder”.